Company Background

Block-Aid, is  federally incorporated company specializing in the fabrication of the Block-Aid Lakesaver.   The LakeSaver prototype is an industrial system that  is computer controlled and Satellite guided to accurately install burlap on lake or river bottoms down to 12 ft deep to properly control milfoil on a lake, both the public high traffic and private dock areas.   Block-Aid offers a low cost high volume solution as well as a DIY kit for private dock areas.

Eurasion Milfoil can be found  in over 10,000 locations and threatens 100's of 1,000's of lakes, rivers and fish habitats across North America.  Block-Aid has a  partnerships with ABV-7,  together they have been working over the last 5 years to develop a system to control this invasive species. 

 ABV-7 is a non-profit organization that is responsible for 7 watersheds in Quebec, North of Ottawa and serves the related communities. Their mandate is to improve the water quality within those watersheds. Their role in this project will be to lead any further scientific research related to the use of Burlap to control the milfoil. They also provide ongoing community services to map out the areas of milfoil in the lakes, which is required for permits.  More information on ABV-7 can be found at the following URL.